Frequently Asked Questions


How much will staffing solutions cost my company?

At CPI, our 30-plus years of success have come from delivering the very best value to our clients. The price you pay for the solutions provided by CPI will vary based on a number of factors specific to your organization and unique needs. We offer nothing off of the shelf and each and every project is designed to address your precise requirements. Factors such account volume, potential insurance risks and costs, lead-time for our staffing managers to plan and the degree of difficulty in locating the right-fit individuals for your for your organization are of course a consideration. We’re a business too so we understand that cost is a very important issue. We assure you that our rates are always competitive, and in many cases, given the overall value you will receive, less, sometimes much less than that of other service providers. Give us a shot at earning your business and you will see!

What is the process for finding employees through The CPI Group?

It’s no secret that hiring is hard work. At CPI, we take care of all the tedious, time-consuming, and expensive parts of the hiring process, so you can consider top candidates for your open positions without losing focus on your organization’s top priorities.

Here’s how our process works:

Step 1: Before we start recruiting, we will learn as much as we possibly can about your organization, your mission, your products and/or services and your corporate culture. In many cases, we will schedule a worksite visit to ensure we thoroughly understand your needs.

Step 2: We will then develop a detailed hiring profile of your ideal job candidate(s) that clearly defines the skills, experience and personality traits you require.

Step 3: We will create a recruiting plan to source the right people. Our plan will include a wide range of tools, including job postings, classified advertising, networking, direct recruiting and our proprietary database to recruit people who are best-qualified for your hiring needs.

Step 4: We will screen, interview and conduct appropriate skills testing, reference checks, drug urinalysis testing, and local courthouse criminal checks. When requested, additional background checks may be performed to verify the qualifications of each candidate and determine which individuals best match your needs.

Step 5: We will present profiles of the best-fit candidates to you for your review. If needed, we will facilitate interviews between your team and our candidate.

Step 6: For temporary employees, we will provide an initial orientation for the position and ensure our employee knows your exact requirements and expectations. For full-time employees, we will facilitate the process of offer negotiation and acceptance to ensure a successful hire as quickly as possible.

Step 7: We will follow-up with you after the placement to ensure you are completely satisfied with the employees we have referred.

How long will it take for CPI to find the right people for me to consider?

While our goal is to help you find the right person as quickly as possible, our most important goal is to ensure you hire the right person. At CPI, we put quality first.

The timeframe for successfully finding a employee(s) for you is going to vary based on your specific needs, the type of market it is currently for your position and the kind of people needed for consideration and as always, the quality and amount of information we are able to obtain from you on the front end uniquely relative to the position and your organization’s culture and working environment.

For temporary assignments, we are typically able to provide an excellent employee(s) in less than 24 hours, and often the same day. For contract-to-hire and direct hire positions, more extensive recruiting is typically required, and the process can range from several days to several weeks, depending on the level of the position and the scarcity of the skill set required.

What kind of background checks do you provide?

Every applicant’s work history is checked based on the information provided by the applicant. In addition, all applicants submitted for employment will have some level of criminal background history conducted on them. In some cases, we may perform local courthouse backgrounds and in other cases we will run state and national criminal database record searches. This is largely up to our clients’ needs and preferences. We also have the ability to provide Motor Vehicle Operation record screening, SSN Verification, Address History, National Sex Offender Registry, Credit Reports, Education Records and more. Of course, all pre-employment background checks must conform to US and State labor laws and regulations. In many cases they require the applicants permission and in some incidences the employer must be able to prove that the records required are relative to the duties to be performed by the applicant if hired. See your CPI Rep for more details.

What if I am not satisfied with an employee(s) placed by The CPI Group?

We realize that not every job or workplace environment is a fit for every person and sometimes that is not revealed clear until after the person has been placed. Our Contract-to-Hire and Trial Hire programs provide an opportunity for you to experience an employee(s) in the work setting and determine if they will be someone you want to hire permanently. If you are not satisfied with an employee(s), we can replace them. For Direct Hire (typically only for professional level positions) we also offer guarantees for success that varies based on the conditions set between your organization and CPI.

What kind of jobs do you fill?

The CPI Group is a full-service staffing company and we provide well-qualified candidates for temporary and full-time jobs in all areas of clerical, professional, industrial and trades. Thanks to our extensive local candidate database and aggressive recruiting methods, we can fulfill hiring needs in most, if not all, areas of your business.

Why should I use your service instead of filling the position on my own?

There are four reasons to use CPI as your hiring partner:

  • To find better-quality employees faster
  • To eliminate the risk of making a bad hiring decision
  • To save time, so you can focus on more important tasks
  • To reduce your labor and hiring costs

At CPI, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering the highest-quality employees. When you need to hire, our recruiting methods will give you access to the largest possible talent pool. And our stringent screening methods will ensure that we provide individuals who will be the best match for your specific hiring requirements.

By using CPI’s Contract-to-Hire and Trial Hire services, you can also eliminate your risk of making a bad hire. If you are not satisfied with an employee(s) hired through either of these programs, CPI can provide a replacement employee(s) before you have made the investment of hiring them onto your payroll.

When you partner with CPI, we manage all aspects of the hiring process, including defining job specifications, placing job postings and recruitment advertising, screening, interviewing and testing candidates, facilitating interviews, managing offer negotiation, and providing preliminary orientations to your firm and your expectations. We manage all the time-consuming details, so you can stay focused on your work.

And when it comes to managing costs, CPI can help you reduce your labor expenses. Our services can allow your business to maintain a smaller core workforce while having on-demand access to the talent you need to keep up with your busy times. We eliminate excess labor and benefits expenses while also reducing your costs for management and HR administration. For our temporary employees, CPI fees include the cost of payroll, statutory taxes, workers’ compensation, unemployment costs and payroll administration. And when you need advice on staffing and employment issues, our trained and certified office staff will be more than happy to provide consultation.

Why should I choose The CPI Group?

More experience. We bring over 50 years of combined human resources knowledge & staffing expertise to ensure that our clients‘ staffing expectations are exceeded, not just met.

Daily hands-on ownership management. Entrepreneurial accountability; our high level of direct ownership involvement, ensures that our clients’ needs are consistently the top priority. We are extremely flexible and all decisions are made right here.

Intensive screening. All applicants are evaluated thoroughly to determine behavioral patterns, work ethics, and previous work experience. Skills testing is administered evaluating reading comprehension, job-specific tool use capabilities, and math skills.  Additional and more in- depth testing is administered to all administrative candidates.  These evaluations include grammar, spelling, vocabulary, typing, and a variety of software specific tests.

Certified ASA Operational Processes. Our operational processes, certified by the American Staffing Association. The American Staffing Association is the nation’s preeminent professional association for the staffing industry. Our affiliation with ASA demands the highest integrity in day-to-day operations as well as ensures that we possess the latest knowledge in the areas of legal/labor law, safety, health care reform and all other matters pertinent to the staffing industry and employment in general.

The only true local staffing source. CPI is the only locally owned, non-franchise staffing firm in the region. Our profits are redistributed throughout our local operational areas.

Staffing Industry Analysts. (SIA) is the leading global advisor on the contingent workforce. The organization’s proprietary research, award-winning content, data, support tools, publications, and executive conferences provide a competitive edge to CPI. Both the ASA as well as SIA provide our team with knowledge required to maximize operational effectiveness for our clients.

Orientation of your new employees. We understand the importance of personnel who are properly prepared for their assignment. Each employee will be hand picked and given proper orientation outlining particular details needed to complete their assignments successfully. In addition, comprehensive safety training and ASA produced harassment orientation is performed on every employee prior to assignment

Certified Staffing Professional (CSP): Brad Bounds, one of our two Owner/Operators, is the only Certified Staffing Professional in this market.

Community involvement. CPI is the most community involved staffing provider in this market. We are truly committed to being the best corporate citizens possible.


What can your HR Advisory Services do for my organization?

For smaller companies, CPI will help you become and remain legally compliant by first auditing your internal HR process, formulating a plan to overcome the areas that need to be addressed and then designing a plan that will keep your internal human resource function operating effectively. Some clients even decide to outsource their HR management to us long term, just as they do for their IT needs with a professional IT outsourcer.

For larger companies, we assist in project-based need in such areas as employee handbooks, compensation, job and salary studies, performance appraisals, employee relations, severance packages, termination procedures and regulatory compliance, to name a few.

I manage a small company, can I afford to hire an HR consulting firm?

In today’s business world, can you afford not to have expert HR counsel? Employment laws are constantly changing, and ignorance of these laws puts your business at tremendous legal risk.

But small business can’t afford full-time HR professionals, and Fortune 500 consulting firms are simply too expensive. That’s what makes CPI’s HR Advisory Services so desirable. For a very reasonable fee, we provide you with access to world-class HR expertise, customized to your specific needs.

CPI can protect you from the legal liability of non-compliance and sloppy personnel management practices, as well as showing you how to implement HR best practices that will improve productivity, enhance morale and reduce turnover.

How do I know that the advice and support I will be receiving is of the highest quality?

All of our HR consultants possess many years of experience with professional certifications in human resources, benefits and compensation. They also have very strong business and customer service skills and the ability to balance solid human resource practices with sound business principles.


How does The CPI Group provide delivery of training?

Based on the type of training needed, CPI will custom-design a program to specifically meet your organization’s needs. CPI’s professional trainers will either deliver the training on-site or at a selected off-site location. Depending on the type of training selected, various means of delivery will be employed including, but not limited to, PowerPoint and video presentations. All associated training material will be provided by CPI.

Are customized training sessions available, and does it cost more to have these programs tailored to fit my company’s needs?

All organizations’ training needs are unique; therefore, CPI will custom-design programs to meet specific training goals set by you and CPI for no additional design costs. The level of excellence provided in training is designed to maximize your return on investment for the development of a highly effective workforce. The cost of training programs will vary depending on the type and variety of training needed and the number of participants involved in the classes.

How many people in my company can be involved in a training workshop at one time?

The size of the training facility, the type of training and the time involved with delivery will dictate the size of each workshop.

How do I know the quality of training will meet companies’ expectations and needs?

CPI’s professional trainers have individually over 20 years’ experience in providing professional, high-caliber training to a variety of clients, from Fortune 1000 companies to small entrepreneurial organizations. Our trainers are located both locally and regionally, and will learn the unique challenges your organization faces with developmental training of your employees.