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What to Do When Two Candidates Are Tied in a Dead Heat

Sometimes, choosing the right candidate for a job is a clear-cut decision — experience, skillset, and cultural fit will align in such a way that turning them down would be downright foolish. But more often, the decision’s not so easy. When your top candidates have similar backgrounds, or are each appealing in their own way,… Read More »

Federal Sex Discrimination Law

In a landmark decision, a federal district court has ruled that sexual orientation bias is a form of sex discrimination – and illegal under U.S. law.

One Interview Question You Should Have In Your Arsenal

Looking for that next great interview question to help you nail down the perfect candidate? There’s one in particular you should consider adding to your arsenal. One interview question tells you (almost) everything you want to know about an applicant

Danger of Toxic Employees

A lot’s been written about how much a bad hire (one you terminate and replace quickly) costs companies. But a group of researchers has taken that concept a bit further — examining how much letting a toxic employee stick around costs employers

12 Ways to Be Kind Without Spending A Dime

In this season full of traveling, feasting, and gift-giving, your budget might begin to feel the strain. You love giving, but you’re committed to staying out of debt over the holidays. The good news is you don’t have to buy more stuff to bring joy to others this season. In fact, one of the best… Read More »

Your PTO Policy

If you’re still making employees wait one-to-three months after being hired to use their paid time off (PTO), you may wind up losing top talent to the competition. Staying competitive: One tweak you should make to your PTO policy

5 Things You May Not But Should Know About

Ever since a federal court judge in Texas issued an injunction, which froze the implementation of the DOL’s new overtime rule, info has come to light that employers — especially those who’ll wait to implement payroll changes until the smoke clears — need to know