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5 Things You Should Never Put in Your Cover Letter

Paula Fernandes Business News Daily Contributing Writer Updated Jun 29, 2022 When submitting a job application, your resume can only go so far. Resumes tell prospective employers about your experience and education, but they are essentially fact sheets. A cover letter gives applicants the opportunity to share more detailed information on why they’d be a good… Read More »

10 Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know

By Indeed Editorial Team Updated September 15, 2021, | Published December 12, 2019 Whether you work outside, at a desk or with heavy machinery, there are hazards in your work environment to know of. It’s important to note the potential dangers in your environment to avoid workplace injuries. In this article, we’ll explain what workplace… Read More »

How To Be More Ambitious

By Indeed Editorial Team Updated February 22, 2021 | Published July 23, 2020 To reach your career goals, you need to be willing to put in the hard work and effort. Having ambition is a big part of feeling determined to work toward your dreams and desires. It can help you stay motivated and focused… Read More »


Although it’s an incredibly important factor, the size of the pay slip shouldn’t be your only consideration when you’re looking for a job. It’s vital that you consider how happy you’ll be in the job for example, as a huge salary doesn’t always guarantee job satisfaction. There’s also a lot more aspects of the job… Read More »