People Who Have a Good Work Ethic do These 7 Things Regularly


Having a good work ethic is likely something you strive for. It’s also what you look for while hiring. But what exactly does a strong work ethic entail? Ideally, everyone should do their job well, so it’s a fair question to ask.

“Work ethic is more than showing up on time. Showing up on time is part of the job,” says Kristin Heller of HR Creative Consulting. According to her, most of the principles and habits that make up a good work ethic are timeless, and work ethic is a spectrum. “Work ethic is like performance – you will have employees on every level of the work ethic scale.”

But the pandemic has also affected how we perceive that term. “Before the pandemic, my clients were much more focused on visibility and climbing the rungs of the ladder to get promoted,” says Lauren LeMunyan, founder of The Spitfire Coach, a leadership development organization. “Now I see my clients looking to make the most impact and preserve their time outside of their roles and working time so that they can bring their best selves into the workday.”

Here are seven things that people who have a good work ethic do regularly, according to Heller and LeMunyan.

People With Good Work Ethic Do These 7 Things | Hive


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