13 Ways to Be a Great Team Player at Work

Vicky Oliver

It may sound obvious, but most people prefer to work with those who are team oriented. A survey found that 79 percent of employers look for this attribute in job candidates.[1]

The words “team player” are often bandied about (on resumes, in particular). But what does it mean to truly be a team player?

It means recognizing that when the whole group meets its goals, everyone on the team shines. You, individually, may not be singled out for your contributions, but your team will be praised. Together, you rise.

Teamwork is required for almost every industry. If you have ever been on a team in high school or college, some attributes of being a team player at the office will come naturally. But whether you’re an athlete or not, great team behavior can be learned.

Click on the link below to find out the 13 ways you can be a true team player at work.

13 Ways to Be a Great Team Player At Work – Lifehack


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