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10 Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know

By Indeed Editorial Team Updated September 15, 2021, | Published December 12, 2019 Whether you work outside, at a desk or with heavy machinery, there are hazards in your work environment to know of. It’s important to note the potential dangers in your environment to avoid workplace injuries. In this article, we’ll explain what workplace… Read More »

18 Heat Safety Tips To Promote Work Safety

By Indeed Editorial Team Published May 3, 2021 Maintaining good self-care practices as you carryout work activities can positively impact your health and work productivity. Professionals who work outside often can benefit from using heat safety tips to stay well-hydrated and energized throughout the workday. By reviewing heat safety tips, you can better prepare yourself… Read More »

6 Ways For Overcoming Procrastination at Work

Published: May 14, 2021, By Editorial Staff Overcoming procrastination at work is crucial to be ahead in career competition. There are several common misconceptions around chronic procrastinators: they simply don’t care about their work; they are lazy or distracted; they are selfish and don’t value other people’s times or deadlines. But all too often, people who… Read More »


Look around you. There’s a good chance you’ll see co-workers who are unmotivated, disengaged, and just calling it in. Last year, Gallup’s research showed only 36% of the American workforce are engaged in their work. The rest of us are less than fully committed to the work we do each day. But we want to be, right?… Read More »