Let’s Hear it For Keeping Workers’ Hearing Safe

Your office might be quiet, but more than 22 million workers are exposed to noise levels every year that can damage their hearing or cause permanent hearing loss. They might be construction workers, machinists, or on the factory line. They might also be musicians or pilots, or from any number of professions. Damage occurs when loud noise… Read More »

How do you stay productive in a noisy office?

Open offices are all the rage these days, particularly among the cubical-averse. Yet, while open offices have a lot to offer a workplace in terms of productivity and sociability, they also present a host of challenges. Click link to read complete article  

Stafford announced as Assistant Recruiter

Columbus, Miss. – Macy Stafford of Columbus has joined local human resource and staffing agency, The CPI Group, as assistant recruiter. “I am very blessed and excited to be a part of such a professional and amazing group of people. I am thrilled to see what the future holds for me here at CPI.” said… Read More »

CPI Group’s Dove passes industries hardest test

Columbus, Miss. – Donna Dove, the lead recruiter for Columbus-based staffing and consultant agency, The CPI Group, has earned the certification of sourcing specialist and recruiter through online training specialist Moore Essentials. According to Moore Essentials, achieving certification requires passing the hardest eSourcing test in the industry. By earning the Moore Sourcing Specialist Certification, Dove is… Read More »